Coffee hot drinks vending machines

‘Osama’ work is not limited to the distribution services complex. The company has another innovative field of activity - Vending / coffee machines, snack machines and water machines rental and / or sale.

‘Osama’ – a partner who will enable your company to enjoy aromatic coffee and other hot drinks, and snacks from the vending machines. We offer professional, completely new, stylish coffee and hot drinks, and snack machines. We provide services of their installation and full maintenance. Our offered machines will help you save time and just with one touch of a button the machine will provide the opportunity to enjoy a beautiful cup of aromatic coffee or delicious snack! UAB ‘Osama’ can offer a wide choice of coffee machines and build hot drinks vending machines with coin-mechanisms owned under our ownership. We invite you to choose the machines which the best meet your expectations and we will take care of their service!

The company can offer a wide range of coffee machines to choose from and install our hot-drinks machines with coin-operated mechanisms. We invite you to choose the most suitable machines for your desires and expectations, and we will take care of them.

Coffee machines are tailored to the needs of each customer, according to the partner's size, design, number of beverages desired.

For the convenience of our customers we can offer the most suitable conditions:

  • rent of coffee machines (a rental agreement with a monthly service charge). You, your staff or guests enjoy aromatic coffee, and we take care of all service and maintenance;
  • leasing of a coffee machine (a contract is concluded with the specified period during which the coffee machine becomes your property);
  • buying of coffee machines - we help you choose the most suitable coffee machine or apparatus. If necessary, we can provide their service.

If you would like to receive a proposal for your company, you are interested in the price, or if you have other questions, please contact:


Tel. 8-37 35 24 04, 8-800 02 922,

Vending Manager: +370 675 88018