What does the company logo mean?

UAB ‘Osama’ logo reflects the successful work values. Dark green logo colour symbolizes friendship, open communication with customers and suppliers. Stability and reliability are reflected by strong and clear font. Graphic mark on the left of the logo symbolizes neatly arranged goods and squares positioned inside show the diagram with improving results. Distribution of goods and maintenance in the stores are the strongest features of the company. Rising sales – the result of constant hard and professional work.

Cherished values:

Dash – constant thrust forward by overpassing the competitors and yesterday’s own results. Constant search for new activities, discovery, development of new products, focus on advanced technology, adaptation of new inventions and methods into practice. The employees are constantly encouraged to improve their skills, enhance their professional knowledge and, as a result, they perform their work better and exceed the set goals.

Fairness - the company keeps its promises both for employee, customers and partners. The employees are valued for their competence, the actual work performed, shown creativity and achievement of results.

Rationality - every employee of the company solves problems in a creative, thrifty way. We choose equipment which is reliable and easy to use. We save company money by improving technology. This raises productivity.

Cooperation – the employees of ‘Osama’ seek to develop constructive and friendly cooperation with business partners based on mutual benefit. Each employee is trying to create friendly and warm relationship in the team, contributes to reaching the joint employment targets. The managers constantly encourage the employees to solve problems creatively, openly and constructively express their opinions which are taken into account.

Care for employees – the company focuses on employees' expectations in line with labour relations. Loyalty of the employees is encouraged employee and there is a possibility to create a personal career.